Smart wearable for electrocardiogram analisys and early detection of heart abnormalities

Our value proposition!


Early detection and alert of heart abnormalities, especially those that can mean a Sudden Cardiorespiratory Arrest (SCA).


Continuous monitoring of heart disease patients.

That can save 350.000 lives each year only in Europe!

HC-ONE Features

It performs a high precision ECG in a weareable device.

It detects heart abnormalities, comparing ECG values with rules commonly used by cardiologists.

It reduces response time of emergency services in a SCA increasing user survival and reducing risk of irreversible damage.

It will allow users with heart diseases to safely carry out activities such as walking and sports, improving their life quality.

No need for gel electrodes so it does not require consumables, making it easy and more comfortable to use.

Reliable and adaptable to movements from rest to high level activity.

Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

More than 24h of autonomy.

How it works


Signal Acqisition
(electrodes without gel
or other consumables)


ECG analysis (real time processing)


Smart alerts (depending on severity)

The Team

Patricia Abella

Graduate in Management Computing, Co-founder she holds a degree on Advertising and Communication and Master in Marketing, Project CEO. She is responsible for the business plan and also manages the marketing and commercial area.

Evelyne Hollands

Marketing Head. More than 25 experience in Marketing at an international level, working with first class companies such as Unilever, Lego or Turkish Airlines.

Adrià Martínez

Co-founder CTO of the project. Responsible for App and web development, and supervisor of the industrialization process.

José Marcial Villamor

PhD in Medicine. Co-founder and Head of the Medical Department, he supervises all the medical processes associated with the project.

José María Monserrat

Economist and auditor. Co-founder and Head of the Financial Department.

Raúl Rial

Economist. Co-founder and financial advisor.

Nadine Badillo

Nursing Graduate, Co-founder and health advisor.

We are working to make HC-ONE alive!

The presentation of the HC-ONE proposal has had the support of the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja and the European Fund for Regional Development

European Regional Development Fund Sistema Riojano innovacion


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